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SILICA GEL Applications

Silica gel is an amorphous form of silicon dioxide, which is synthetically produced in the form of hard irregular granules (having the appearance of crystals) or hard regular beads. A micro porous structure of interlocking cavities gives a very high surface area (800 square meters per gram). It is this structure that makes silica gel a high capacity desiccant.

Drying and cleaning of air and gases
Drying of analytical samples
Drying of solvents
Drying of synthesis products
Optical instruments and devices
Protection of Export Consignments from moisture in salty atmosphere
Drying and storage of Flowers and Seeds
Desiccant in gas industry, dehydration and purification in Oxygen, Hydrogen and Chlorine,
In steel refinery industry and oxygen plant ,it can be used to remove ethane from oxygen. etc.
Silica Gel is also used in Dehumidifier. Desiccant Dehumidifier white silica gel is used.
Silica Gel is also used in Analysis of Chemicals.

What type of products Silica Gel White & Silica Gel Blue can protect?

Silica gel can be used to protect a variety of items from moisture. The list below represents some commonly protected items.
Tool boxes
Storage containers
Safes and vaults
Silver drawer
Stored vehicles
Cargo holds on RVs, boats, etc
Collectibles (stamps, coins, etc.)
Metal and machine parts
Industrial equipment
Pharmaceuticals and vitamins
Military instruments
Circuit Boards
Photographic equipment and film
Pet foods
Optical devices
Medical equipment
Leather products